History of global trading dates back many centuries but it haven’t never been easier and faster than today. It means that there aren’t any obstacles to satisfy all consumers’ specific needs despite their location. kaart png

Tempitex Trading Group in European company that not only offers import-export services for goods from and to European market but also uses all advantages that Estonia has to offer to produces different types of goods inside of the group.

We operate as a reseller in B2B and B2C markets. If You’re interested in our products or look new markets to operate don’t hesitate to contact us.


DP logo2 (EST) DP Mets is our Estonian forestry subsidiary and brand operating as a logging and forest investment company. Forest covers more than 48% of mainland of Estonia and the wood industry is the second largest industry in Estonia.

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(EST) Wood-plastic composite (WPC) is a next step after impregnated wood. WPC is an everlasting wood that maintains all it’s features for a extremely long period. This is achieved by adding thermoplastic mixtures to a ordinary chipped wood. www.puitkomposiit.ee

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(EST) Tempitex Design offer different kind of interior and exterior elements for architects and designers. Perodo is a bathroom furnishing made of mahogany plywood that can be designed according to the customer’s preferences using different shades of wood varnishes and different methods of material treatment.
Our partner Keha3 offers many ready-made indoor and outdoor light and city elements. We take every order as one of a kind request and in project management consider different specifications to ensure best quality, maximum energy efficiency and best look to fit into surroundings.

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(LAT) Operating as an agent for different companies. Our portfolio has products like log and module houses, custom made furniture, smart home solutions, HPDE, septic tanks and containers, natural fertilizers and so on. All products made according to high EU regulations and environment norms.